A Non-educator With a Passion for Lifelong Learning and EdTech

Who am I? I am a learner. I’m learning now, I’m always learning, and want to always be learning. I learn from every situation, every opportunity, and try to learn every day.

I’m not an educator. I’m a technologist, entrepreneur and innovator with a passion for learning, technology, writing, and helping others.

Passion flower

Passion flower (Credit:@Doug88888)

I am like many others who was searching for his passion for a long time. As it turned out my passion was right in front of me all of the time. Isn’t this the way it usually is, or supposed to be? My passion was hiding right in plain sight. I believe that anyone can find their passion and should strive to find their passion. Probably the best place to start is to make finding your passion your passion and work on it every day until you find it. It is through pursuing our passions that we are best able to contribute to others. That’s what we are here for, to help others, to contribute to society, to humankind, to improve our condition. Learning, technology and wellness are my passion.

As I was trying to figure out my passion I thought and wrote much about what I really like to do, what I really want to do, and what my true skills are. Then I thought about how I spend my time, what are the things that I do without consciously thinking about them and that I naturally gravitate towards. On the top of the list were learning, reading, technology, wellness and self-improvement. I finally realized that these are my true interests and that combined they are my passion. My passion is to write a blog that focuses on learning, technology and wellness,  from which we can all learn and benefit. This will be my full-time endeavor and it will be my cause.

I am a father of five, with wonderful four-year old twins with my second wife, and three children from my first marriage. I am a technologist, project manager and change agent currently working in the information security field. I pursued formal education for a long time early in my life and have degrees in electrical engineering, an MBA, and a hard-earned degree in life. The most important skill that I use in my job now is my desire and ability to learn; part of everything that I do. Other valuable skills include project management, client loyalty, information technology, sales, and entrepreneurship. I have worked in organizations of all sizes from sole proprietorship to start-ups to working in corporate behemoths. Being an entrepreneur is part of who I am and is in my soul. I was a founder of three technology start-ups and supported numerous others. I’ve learned that my preference is to work in smaller organizations where accountability, responsibility, motivation and challenge are more closely felt and risk and reward are much more directly experienced.

I have strong training experience in developing and delivering software related training. I’ve taken many courses and received trainings throughout my life. I’m always learning and almost always training in something, both formal trainings or self-trainings. I’m currently taking a Coursera MOOC course, Think Again; and have also started a Code Academy JavaScript training. Learning a foreign language is one of the next things that I want to learn.

What do I have to add to the field of lifelong learning and edtech as a non-educator? Do I need to be an educator and have formal educational experience to become an expert on edtech and to contribute to the field? No I don’t believe so, but I do know that it’s important to have relevant experience, perspective, and desire. That is the desire to understand learning, it’s history, how it happens, the environment, and the trends. I certainly have that desire. Understanding education will be important to my mission and will be an important part of what I do. I know that I still have much to learn about the field of learning, education, and even technology. That will be the best part, the fun part of this journey which I am undertaking, the learning. I’m also going to connect with educators to get their perspective, learn about their experiences, and strive to understand their needs and wants. I am going to contribute much to the field. I believe that most anyone can, they just need the desire to do so.

I know that I have an interesting and valuable viewpoint and experience in the field of lifelong learning and technology. I believe that there are many educators and non-educators that want to learn more about the topic of empowering lifelong learning with technology. I want to add a new and different perspective to this community and contribute to innovation and growth in the field.

My informal training has been going on for a long time and will continue as long as I live.

Maybe I really am an educator, maybe anyone can be an educator of a sort.


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